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What's New Fall 2013!

You must be a consignor in order to participate as a Team Member (volunteer).  Consignors must bring a minimum of $50 in merchandise in order to sign up as a Team Member.  Consignors are not required to be Team Members (volunteers).

We will no longer accept baby bumper bads for cribs effective June 2013.  MD law prohibits the sale of them; however, mesh bumpers will still be accepted.

We are no longer accepting adult books other than pregnancy and child rearing books...
This includes best sellers, cookbooks, etc.  ALL BOOKS must be related to children and child rearing.

We are no longer accepting General Home Decor items in Timonium.  The ONLY sale where Home Decor will be allowed is in Howard Co.  Please be selective with the items you bring.  Items must be Home Decor ONLY, this does not include appliances.  CHILDRENS HOME DECOR WILL CONTINUE TO BE ACCEPTED AT ALL SALES!!

Fall 2012 changes remain in effect...

We will no longer accept $1 items!

All items must now have a $2 minimum.  We do encourage bundling of mulitple low value items onto one ticket that are worth at least $2.  

Sellers with over 200 TOTAL items:

If you are a seller that brings in over 200 total items, we are now requiring that you drop items off prior to 6p on the first day of drop-off (not including restocking consignors).  We will not accept large drop-offs on the second day.  This will allow our floor managers and volunteers to set the floor and check for recalls in a timely manner prior to the close of the day and opening of the sale.  If this creates an extreme hardship, please contact Denise, 

No Longer accepting VHS Tapes:

VHS tapes simply take up too much space on our shelves and they are not selling due to the popularity of DVDs.

Preemie Clothing Items: 

You will now find an option to size clothing under "Preemie"!  Please keep in mind the infant clothing limits do apply within this size and to the overall clothing limits (see below).   

Item Limits: 

There is a clothing limit of 150 items TOTAL PER CONSIGNOR!  Within this limit the guidelines for infant and maternity items are still in effect.  For more information, please see the Accepted Items page.   There are NO LIMITS on other items such as toys, sporting gear, baby equipment, sports equipment, etc.

We will no longer accept breast pumps:

Please see this article from the La Leche League for information to consider:  "Are Used Breast Pumps a Good Option?"