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What's New for Fall 2015!

Due to the overwhelming amount of clothing that our consignors are bringing into each sale, we will be cracking down on the clothing limits!!  The limit has been in effect for over 2 years, but we are finding that many consignors are not adhering to this rule.  Consignors are allowed a TOTAL of 150 clothing items and we will be checking these limits during drop off.  

Please note that the MyCM database does NOT automatically cap this limit on clothing items.  It is up to each individual consignor to make sure they are tagging within this limit!!

Consignors that arrive with amounts over the 150 limit WILL BE asked to remove items from their inventory. Please understand that we simply have a limited amount of rack space at each of our sales.  We are striving for consignors to bring their best items in terms of quality!!!  Choose your best 150 items or less based on quality & brand.  We know from experience that shoppers are looking for great prices on your higher end items.  

Within this limit the guidelines for infant and maternity items are still in effect.  For more information, please see the Accepted Items page.   There are NO LIMITS on other items such as toys, sporting gear, baby equipment, sports equipment, etc.

We will be once again accepted cribs starting this season!!  In order to comply with crib laws, all cribs must be manufactured after June 28, 2011.  Each crib must have a manufacture date on the crib with a date on or after June 28, 2011.  The only exception to this would be that is a crib is accompanied with a Certificate of Compliance from the manufacturer stating that the crib is certified and meets the crib requirements!